Non-Immigrant Visas

From our New York City immigration law office, we help people identify the appropriate visa for their circumstances and understand the process they will need to follow in order to be issued a visa successfully. We help people obtain temporary non-immigrant visas for a variety of reasons, including: work, tourism, study, and business. At The Law Office of Elektra B. Yao.

The Law Office of Elektra B. Yao, can help applicants successfully obtain the following non-immigrant visas:

  • Visitor’s Visa (B)
  • Treaty Trader/Treaty Investor/Australian Nationals (E)
  • Student Visa (F)
  • Vocational Student (M)
  • Exchange Visitor Visa (J)
  • Temporary Specialty Occupation Visa (H)
  • Intra-company Transfer Visa (L)
  • Individuals of Extraordinary Ability (O)
  • Athletes and Entertainers Visa (P)
  • Religious Workers Visa (R)
  • Canadian and Mexican Professionals under NAFTA (TN)

For help obtaining a non-immigrant visa, call The Law Office of Elektra B. Yao today.